Dogs are TRULY amazing!

We believe all dogs possess superpowers, which makes the world a better and safer place. Read your inspiring stories about your real life Superpower Dogs who are transforming and saving lives!

Aqua Dog Cori

Cori has already exercised her therapy dog power on military vets with PTSD, bringing comfort and healing with the playfulness and grace of her confident spirit. Cori is a strong, brave, and kind-hearted helper.

Rina: Changing Lives Through Humor & Support

Rina’s superpower of connecting with people as a healer made her an immediate friend to anyone she met, a devoted sister to Ricochet and a lifelong companion for Judy. Rina was known for her light-hearted personality and smile, taking every opportunity to steal the remote, wear shoes and deliver packages from UPS drivers to Judy’s front door.

Olaf the Autism Therapy Dog

What makes Olaf perfectly suited for his role at the school is his superpower of gentle calmness that helps kids overcome a variety of different challenges. Whether students feel anxious, upset, distracted, or sad, Olaf’s presence can practically make those feelings disappear the very instant an outstretched hand meets his fluffy fur.

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